So far over the past couple of weeks I have made progress in my research. After looking into my primary sources more closely, I realize that my documentaries and interviews are even more valuable sources that I originally gave them credit for. One interview Fonda did with Phil Donahue has become my main primary source in understanding reactions to Fonda and her visit to Hanoi. I have found a new issue that my secondary sources do not address, and that is how uninformed the citizens of the U.S. were of what was happening in Vietnam. Some wanted to believe in their government and went against Fonda, and even some of the citizens who supported her really did not know what was going on. Few only knew the basics of what was happening in Vietnam.


3 Responses to “Research”

  1. jsong2 says:

    I had same case as you. I had three primary sources to start with, but now I only have one. In the beginning I had a portrait, an essay and personal letters of king James I. However, I found his essay would be better choice of primary source. Portrait does not say much, and letters does not have big value in my perspective and it was not very relevant to my topic. So right now, I only have about 10+ page essay he wrote on kingship. I guess other primary sources I had originally, especially, with the portrait, can ve used as one of the example that goes with the essay he wrote, which is my current primary source.

  2. ebroton21 says:

    You have stumbled on a really good point that also seems to be echoed in other parts of history as well. I am looking forward to hearing how you plan to argue this. Are you going to look at how the information at the time was portrayed to the public? Many people were against the Vietnam War, and the media does tend to only show parts of the story, often times the most dramatic parts. Will you address any key aspects of the war the public was uniformed about?

  3. Jessica Reingold says:

    That’s a really good point you found-the fact that many people did not know what was going on in Vietnam. With this new information, are you going to address how the media might have dramatized Fonda’s “betrayal” or have used the lack of knowledge in the home front population to their advantage when reporting her visits to Vietnam?