Reintroducing my Primary Source

For my project my primary source is Jane Fonda’s Words of Politics and Passion by Mary Herschberger. Working with this book as my primary source is very useful because it has all the broadcasts Fonda made during her trip to Hanoi. The challenge with this source is the fact that it only gives me Fonda’s perspective and Fonda’s words of what happened it Vietnam. The book itself does not give me the reactions people had to her during the time. But it does cite other sources that are helpful and they show where Herschberger recieved her information to collect the speeches Fonda made. My research has become more focused with this source because it helps me focus only on the week in Vietnam and how people responded to Fonda. I can read her speeches and see how they are worded and how she expresses herself and then I try to put myself into the shoes of an American citizen who would be hearing her words at the time.


2 Responses to “Reintroducing my Primary Source”

  1. katelynlewis says:

    This seems like a great source for your topic! Though you say it doesn’t give other perspective other than Fonda’s, it seems like that could be an easy fix with the use of other primaries. Does she mention any reactions from her actions or how she felt about them in this source? That may help to figure out the perspectives of others as well.

  2. hmarshall4 says:

    This book sounds great! Does Mary Herschberger introduce any of Jane Fonda’s speeches? If so, I think that could show a lot of about people were reacting to her speeches. Even if it doesn’t show you how society reacted, I think it’s still really valuable. Through our class discussions, it seems like you know a lot about how society reacted, so I think this will be able to show you what she was trying to convey through her speeches.