Secondary Sources

For my project I could not pick just one valueable secondary source. I have a couple that are all equal in importance to my research. The list includes Aid and Comfort by Henry Mark Holzer and Ericka Holzer, Camp All-American, Hanoi Jane, and the High-and-Tight: Gender, Folklore, and Changing Military Culture by Carol Burke, A Political Biography of an Antiwar Icon: Jane Fonda’s War by Mary Hershberger, and Nixonland by Rick Perlstein. These books are all very useful because they address what happened while Jane Fonda visited Hanoi and the responses that came because of the trip.

In Burke’s book, she addresses the reason why people hated Jane was because she was a woman that voiced a different opinion. She was too outspoken for her time. The Holzer’s book takes a legal standpoint on what happened in Hanoi and why there was enough evidence to take her to trial. Hershberger’s book, Jane Fonda’s War, looks at what happened in Hanoi and how people responded to it in a negative way. And Nixonland, looks at the Nixon Administration and how it handled anti-war protestors and Jane Fonda’s activism.

All of these sources are very useful to my research because they allow me to have more than one view on my topic. They discuss why Fonda is believed to be a traitor and why people have responded to her the way they have. They either feel threatned because she is a woman or they feel a deep sense of betrayal coming from America


2 Responses to “Secondary Sources”

  1. jmilton says:

    I like that the sources you are looking at are discussing this topic from a variety of perspectives. These perspectives will give great depth to your paper and will allow you to write with confidence on this topic. Keep up the good work it seems like you have a wide array of important works which will enable you to write a detailed and complete paper on your very interesting topic.

  2. katelynlewis says:

    I had trouble picking just one valuable source to post about as well! I feel like I have so many great secondary sources. It seems like you do too. Do all your secondary sources say that there were only negative responses, or were there indifferent or even positive responses to Fonda’s actions as well?