Note Taking

When it comes to taking notes for a research project like this, I have always been very bad at it. It is not something I find enjoyable to do and in high school I normally could avoid taking any notes. But for this project I will have to take notes if I want it to be successful. So far I have managed to skim many of the books for my project and mark them with small sticky notes to remember the places that seemed important. After this I plan on writing the important information down in my notebook. Each list of notes will be separated by which book they came from.

Many people have tried to tell me that taking notes would be easier if I would type them out on the computer, but to me that just seems like a bigger hassle. When I am reading something, I do not want to be distracted and with internet right beside me it would be easy to become so. Hopefully during class, I will learn some better ways to take notes.


4 Responses to “Note Taking”

  1. jjourdan says:

    I understand that completely. The computer is just too distracting while you’re trying to read! I use a piece of notebook paper instead. I don’t like to write it down and it’s questionable if I’ll use the notes like I have them, but I have them if I need them.

  2. jsong2 says:

    I totally agree with you on distraction by internet right beside me. I usually keep my laptop on, but when I am reading, I turn them off. Some people are just good at typing note on computer and some people are not. I found it useful that after every chapter or so, stop and write down the most important things or main focus of the chapter. I think it’s best way for me to do it that way when the a story or facts are fresh in my head.

  3. katelynlewis says:

    I completely understand not wanting to take notes on the computer because it ends up being a distraction. That happens all to often with myself! However, it is really nice to be taking notes on Word and be writing things in your own words so that when it comes time to do your paper you can do a bit of copying and pasting and it saves time. Just something to think about.

  4. ebroton21 says:

    I do not like taking notes on the computer either. I am the type of person who would rather have the notes before her while typing up a paper instead of going from one window to the other. Hopefully with all my notes (after I finish taking them) I will be able to organize all the information into an outline for the big research paper. Some times, if I get bored with taking notes, I try to jazz it up by using different colored pens or pencils. This is also another way of organizing information too, by the way.