Choosing a Topic

The topic that I am researching is Jane Fonda, how she protested the Vietnam War, and the reaction that came from the people about her. Why do so many people consider her a traitor to the United States? And did she really betray her country by protesting a war that was possibly hurting both Vietnam and the U.S.? My primary source is Jane Fonda’s Words of Politics and Passion, a collection of Fonda’s speeches put together by Mary Hershberger. As of now I am working on finding news articles about responses to Fonda’s protest, negative and positive responses. It should not be a challenge to find these articles because many people had negative responses to Fonda. Even now people still refer to her as Traitor Jane and Hanoi Jane.

I have also found many interviews of Jane Fonda about why she protested the war and why she decided to be an activist. The biggest challenge of this project will be finding enough reliable sources of why people did not like Fonda during this time period.

I have always been very interested in this subject and I feel as if it is my job and a beginning history major to find out why Fonda’s visit to Hanoi caused so much problems.


5 Responses to “Choosing a Topic”

  1. Jessica Reingold says:

    Your topic sounds really interesting, I don’t know much about Jane Fonda, but I’m excited to learn more. If you want to find news articles, try Proquest and also Google Books because they have the actual scans of the news articles which also include pictures sometimes!

  2. morganhayes says:

    I think she did support the soldiers without supporting the war. Her main goal was to keep everyone from getting hurt and to show how useless the war was. She made mistakes while trying to do this but she was just trying to help. After I do more research my view point may change but I believe she set out with good intentions.

  3. morganhayes says:

    I was also confused as to why she was called a traitor as well and that is what got me interested in the topic. Like you, the only reason I see for her to be called a traitor is because it seems as if she is supporting the enemy. But, I believe that when she went to Vietnam her goal was to make people see that the war was hurting everyone. She wanted the war to stop and wanted to help, she just ended up going about it the wrong way.

  4. jmilton says:

    I think this is a very interesting topic and found myself instantly intrigued. I think an important lesson America learned from the Vietnam War was that it is possible to not support a war but still support the soldiers fighting that war. An interesting question could be whether Jane Fonda supported the soldiers despite not supporting the war. I look forward to hearing more about this topic as the semester goes on best of luck. – Jason Milton

  5. hmarshall4 says:

    I think your topic is really interesting, mainly because it doesn’t make sense for her to be called a traitor. There were so many people who were protesting this war, why is she the only one being vilified? Yes, I’m sure it was not the smartest idea for her to sit on top of a North Vietnamese missile, but celebrities do crazy things all the time.

    The only reason I can think of for Jane Fonda being deemed a “traitor” is that even though everyone else was protesting the war, they were still supporting the troops, whereas Jane Fonda seemed to be supporting the ‘enemy’.

    I’ll be very interested in hearing what you find out about this issue.