Why am I a History Major?

For the longest time I thought that when I came to college I would want to major in English, and I guess, become an English teacher. Then I realized that English, though I enjoyed it, was not something that I loved enough to spend the rest of my life doing. Then I was stuck, I did not know what I wanted to be. At the very last moment before spring semester began I entered a History class, American History since 1865, and I fell in love. I realized what I wanted to be was a History major. Soon after this I told my mom and she told me that she had always wondered why I had not wanted to be one from the beginning. And then she pointed something out that I had never realized…that I had always loved History and liked learning about it.

I have always been interested in learning about things that have happened in the past and how they relate to today. Now I want to become more well rounded as a history student and hopefully teach others why history is such an important subject to learn. Eventually with a history degree I want to work in a museum or library. This way I will have access to people who I can help teach about the wonders of history.


4 Responses to “Why am I a History Major?”

  1. morganhayes says:

    I too would not listen to my mother when she told me good advice. Only recently have I learned to and to do as she says. Your story really is not nasty at all because it gets the point across that you want to make. I have this cat that is not very nice and I would always bother her when I was younger. Eventually she would grab ahold of me and tear my up with her claws. I still have some scars, but Mom always told me not and I never listened.

    I think one of my goals as a teacher would be getting my class interested in what they are learning. And even if they do ask so what hopefully I can answer and get them to understand that maybe they have a passion for the War of the Roses and they just did not know it. At my high school we had this brilliant AP US History teacher who was able to excite everyone for her class. Even people who did not like history wanted to go to her class and hear what she had to say that day. People who did not even like AP classes always wanted to be in her class. I think, if I could just be half the teacher she was, I could teach the students a lot about history.

  2. morganhayes says:

    Not only did I do this with English but also Anthropolgy. I had wanted to major in it along with history just a week ago but once I got into the class I realized that even though I loved it, I just couldn’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life. So, I came back to my one true love again, History. Like you said that you are still passionate about musics, I still want to learn more about anthropology, I just do not want to major in it.

  3. sshorttflo says:

    Mom’s can be a blessing. I used to resist my mothers advice because I always thought I knew best, which, with hindsight, was almost never the case. I have always had sensitive allergies and as a kid my nose would get stopped up. Mom always told me to use saline spray and blow my nose. I decided to ignore here advice and so I frequently developed sinus infections. Currently, I use saline solution and blow my nose regularly. That might come across as a nasty story but I suppose I’m just trying to say I agree with you, mom’s usually know best.

    On a different note, it sounds like you’ll be grappling with the “So what?” question if you teach. I guess that question can be easier to answer depending on your audience. If you were talking about Revolutionary America to American students that might not be a difficult leap but if you were trying to get them interested in the War of the Roses they might be much more skeptical.

  4. katelynlewis says:

    I was in a similar situation. I came to UMW thinking I would major in Music. I took a bunch of music classes first semester and really loved most of them but I also realized it wasn’t something I wanted to exactly major in or spend the rest of my life doing. I realized history was something I’d always loved and I didn’t know why I hadn’t considered it before. I’m still very passionate about music but history is definitely for me.